Work Life & Always Balancing

Since the pandemic, many of us had changed our lifestyles, habits and the way to engage each others professionally.

Some have their meals more often by cooking at home. Others use the food delivery service more. Encourage every colleagues to exercise more.

We sit down more often with the screens infront of us, doing more work and into the wee hours for many office workers. Get everyone out of the house for walks and stretching.

Some of us behave much more different than ever, more isolated, self centered, heaps of complaints on every small things, while others are learning more about themselves and managing better than others on their emotions.

Some tend to bitch more than often in Social Media and cast very bad impression of themselves without realizing it. Nudge them not to grow into a complaining bitch and assholes, especially those who love to comment in everything just to seek attentions.

Have everyone stay off the screens and have a one to one chat via the traditional phone line. Frees the eyes up and just chat away.

But one thing for sure is the need to interact with others had become more important than ever. But not everyone knows how to do that in such unprecedented situation.

- Don't randomly call up someone to have a chat. Drop a text first to arrange a time as the other parties maybe on some virtual meetings.

- Meet up if you can but keep it short and to the point unless both parties know that it is just for a casual catch up. As many have virtual meetings in-between now.

- Don't expect others to reply your text or emails within a day. Everyone is overwhelmed with all sorts of communication tools that are seeking for your attention. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Signals, Telegram, WeChat, Kakao, Google Meet, WebEx etc. You name it, you have it for others to reach you and it can be daunting.

- Many will burn out by the end of the working week, and so expect to take a break over that weekends. Avoid arranging virtual meetings on a Saturday and esp on Sunday. Give parents more time to take care of their kids, give others the same to do nothing too.

- Time zones had been blurred. Before the pandemic, you maybe able to separate calls to be made in office and at home when talking to an overseas clients or team mates.

But now with working from home being the norm, that line is blurred up. We have commitments between work and home and anything in-between. So take breaks during your normal working hours whenever you can.

If you are the boss, be more understanding and give as much leeway as possible for your colleagues to make the best decisions to rest their mind and bodies.

Work is an integrated part of life now, but that don't mean running your lives. Constantly strike a balance even if you know there is no 100% Work Life Balance all the time.

Just live and let live and move the business and personal life forward.

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