Let's get used to these inconveniences:

that there be lockdowns, restrictions to work, studies, leisure, way of life and it may never go back to old times

that we have to put on masks to go everywhere for that longest time

that the kids need to be reminded to be careful when out of the house all the time

that old folk can be worst than kids as they treasure their freedom more than their lives and they can be fucking dickheads

that businesses are going to be affected whenever other variants pop up and a list of activities that follow up to limit the way we interact

that the govt be sending out mixed signals as situations keep evolving and they be undoing many things that were rolled out

that there be an explosion of ways to make money just being in front of a webcam (example:

that we will all suffer from some sort of mental problems and some may not cope better than others

that we will eat more, sit more, exercise less, get frustrated easier, triggered at the drop of a pin

that other business associates don't reply you just as fast

that we want more physical interactions

that we will gain weight as we move much lesser within the 4 walls

that we will cut some friends off for being Anti-vax/mask

that some friends will cut us off cos we run our mouths more on social media

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