There will never be a perfect product.

Just roll it out, test the market, get feedback and then make modifications to it and repeat.

So many founders are fixated with this perfect product that they delayed the launch, change the tech lead, pivot the business, confusing marketing messages that in the end it comes to nothing.

Instead, should just launch it to a smaller group of folks to test it out and then get the feedback but don't rush to make changes.

Launch it again but to a bigger crowd and tally if the feedbacks are similar. Then make the decision on what are the most important functions or features to retain or change.

You need that experience of launching a new product, gather feedback, calculate the demands, look into the components/inventories, work with the logistic etc. So is not just about launching a perfect product but the many experience that you can gain from it all too.

Under BlackStorm Consulting , we met many of such business owners that due to their need to have the perfect products out in the market, that their competitors caught up with them and eat into their market shares. They had to scramble to launch their product to play catch up and more than likely the gap widen much more than expected and some times never recover and lost customers along the way too.

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