There are plenty of them out there.

Everyone can have an idea and many will claim that they thought of this and that idea but more than usual most didn’t act on it. It just remains as an idea. That’s all.

Having an idea doesn’t mean you have to act on it or that just becos someone managed to launch it, it was stolen from you. There are millions of such cases where we thought of something and fit a possible solution to it. It just means you have a need, but is it big enough to spend resources into it to resolve and even turn it into a business? That is the question that many chose to ignore and we should. Otherwise, every possible idea cannot be justified with a new business too.

There are many factors to consider before anything can even happen too. Are you able to execute it? Do you have the financial capabilities to get a prototype out? Do you even know what are you doing? Many of us just focus on the problem that we want to solve but not the setup that it takes to do so.

You need to trial and error with the development of the product and that itself needs the right people and processes to figure it out with prototypes and many iterations until you get it right. Right enough that there is a market for someone who is willing to pay the price that you want to keep the operation profitable.

So it is bad to have ideas? Far from it actually. At least you put on your thinking cap and try to put things together.

The more you identified possible problems and fitting solutions, the closer you be to learning how the best if not optimized processes may be. Along the way, you are not only sharping your thought processes but also able to gain more insights and knowledge seeing from many other points of view too. You be doing more research towards your problems and with all that possible solutions to one problem, you may just open up the way you see things in life.

Sometimes, we don't need a complicated solution to our problem. Sometimes it may not even be a problem to begin with that needs to be solved too.

Keep identifying problems, look into if it is even one that deserves to be solved.

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