Let's get used to these inconveniences:

that there be lockdowns, restrictions to work, studies, leisure, way of life and it may never go back to old times

that we have to put on masks to go everywhere for that longest time

that the kids need to be reminded to be careful when out of the house all the time

that old folk can be worst than kids as they treasure their freedom more than their lives and they can be fucking dickheads

that businesses are going to be affected whenever other variants pop up and a list of activities…

To-Do List

There are many distractions in our day-to-day life, which is exacerbated by many of us working from home.

It can be having a video call on Zoom, to having another on Microsoft Teams, with a bombardment of questions coming from all directions.

Not everyone can endure this treatment day in and day out, especially now, when we have been stuck at home for the longest time ever in our lives.

Our thought process is always divided, and it is difficult to pin down important lessons for reflection, to explore what is important and what is not. It can…

Going the Distance

It makes a whole lot of differences when you have someone that go beyond to get the job done.

Business owners looking for successors should take this into consideration and not just someone who agrees with you in everything, or simply becos he is your son.

You be passing the business down, you don't want someone to be there only during the office hours, weekdays and doing all the talking but not the executions just to show to the boss.

Not someone who draws the line that they are executives or the daughter, and don't mix with…

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

This is the same when you are running your own business, where you just keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results.

Why are my sales not improving?

But you have been stuck with selling the same stuff and hope that customers will keep buying it.

No innovation, no improvement, no nothing.

You only sell via one channel but want to attract other potential clients. …


There will never be a perfect product.

Just roll it out, test the market, get feedback and then make modifications to it and repeat.

So many founders are fixated with this perfect product that they delayed the launch, change the tech lead, pivot the business, confusing marketing messages that in the end it comes to nothing.

Instead, should just launch it to a smaller group of folks to test it out and then get the feedback but don't rush to make changes.

Launch it again but to a bigger crowd and tally if the feedbacks are similar. Then make…

Work Life & Always Balancing

Since the pandemic, many of us had changed our lifestyles, habits and the way to engage each others professionally.

Some have their meals more often by cooking at home. Others use the food delivery service more. Encourage every colleagues to exercise more.

We sit down more often with the screens infront of us, doing more work and into the wee hours for many office workers. Get everyone out of the house for walks and stretching.

Some of us behave much more different than ever, more isolated, self centered, heaps of complaints on every small things…

While others are out shopping, watching movies, eating at restaurants and you are rushing out the proposal, pitch deck, budgeting for your new business.

Let me tell you this.

You are not alone, you are finishing up work that you know is neverending but someone still gonna do it. And that someone is none other than you!

The best person to solve the problems on hand! And there are many like you working alone into the nights, into the weekends and on holiday. So that your business can inch forward to earn a little more money to pay the salaries, to sell a little more of the product, to serve the customers that believe in you and your business.

All these will be rewarded in the coming future. This is the entrepreneurial spirit.

Never give up!



I am planning to start my own business in a few years time. What are the top 3 things that I need to prepare myself?


1. Don’t just hear but learn to listen

Pay attention — Many love to rush to answer a question by framing it according to what they want but not paying attention to what you are trying to say.

2. Be fluent in the business languages

Don’t just listen but observe the body language, the tone, the use of words, the movement of the eyes, the lips, the sitting posture, the limbs. …


There are plenty of them out there.

Everyone can have an idea and many will claim that they thought of this and that idea but more than usual most didn’t act on it. It just remains as an idea. That’s all.

Having an idea doesn’t mean you have to act on it or that just becos someone managed to launch it, it was stolen from you. There are millions of such cases where we thought of something and fit a possible solution to it. It just means you have a need, but is it big enough to spend resources…


I am fortunate that when I was young, my parents didn't feed me the thinking that it is important to study so that I can get a stable job to make a living.

Being an extrovert myself, I don’t see myself working in a job just to bring in the money for the family. I want to learn, able to travel, get to meet different people, listen to their stories, see things from their perspectives, and solving problems and be paid for them.

Maybe that is why I ended up listening to the stories of startup founders, restructuring businesses…

Paddy Tan

I Fix Companies

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