- Exercise: Don’t rush into it
If you seldom go to the gym or even do a 5km walk, rushing into it will just risk injuries to yourself.

- Exercise: Small Steps
Start with a morning/evening walk to pick up the momentum. Sweat it out, and get the right gear (You are not a Christmas Tree, dont need to have the best of everything)

- Exercise: Habits
You can’t just stop smoking or drinking overnight just becos the clock struck midnight.

Start with 1 session per week and let the aching go away first before you start another new session.

Set 100 days to see some results.



If you are a business owner or a startup founder seeking out talent, this may just be the best time to do so.

Many tech companies are letting go of talents due to various reasons and whatever it is, it may just be beneficial to you to bring on board some of the folks with deep experience in the industry that you are trying to break into.

Combing with your business (startups) with innovative ideas and products, these folks may just be able to give you insights that are not quite possible to gain in the shortest possible time.

They can be your secret weapons to engage the old school of thought with your creative executions and take market shares rapidly.

Many businesses thrive best when you have someone who has the connection, network, insights, and foresight to help you scale your business better.