Paddy Tan

For anyone who wanna be one, you will never be 100% prepared for what you will need to overcome throughout the journey.

It is full of more Downs than Ups, disappointments, betrayals, running low in cash, broken promises, and always have this imposter syndrome following you everywhere.

Talk to your loved ones, parents, and close friends before you partake in this life choice.

Becos your first step will start changing your life and you liberate yourself from 9 to 5 working life but jumping into something darker, pitless neverending of pain. But along the way, you will learn about brotherhood, people who deliver, friends who are loyal, seeing the goodness of others, trustworthiness, hope, and love.

Whatever the outcome it may be, this journey will make it into your history book of life, good or bad.



We will check your background, look at your photos, vidoes, articles that you shared or wrote.

We will also see the comments that you given in discussions, we will also see who are your followers, how often you share insights, what you do on weekends, where you been, what books you read.

We will also want to know how’s your relationships with your co-founders, employees, relatives.

Are you well traveled, see the world, smarter than others, have more grits, understand values, risk taking etc.

Why? Becos money is involved in funding your startups, your idea.

So dont be surprised if we do our homework first before you pitch to us.

— -


Clean up before pitching



If you just started a new job, use the weekends and public holidays to catch up. Do your research, homework, read up, run simulations, get advises, network with smart people.

Play can come later.

If you want to be promoted, take more responsibilities, execute better, lead people, make decisions.



Invest in a webcam.

Pair it with your smart phone or log in with 2 accounts with one to share screen and the other to see your face.

No one will give you money if they don’t even know how you look like. It’s year 2022 and after 2 years of working from home, you should have figured it out.